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2022.05.12   Computer   Another small help text available in Computer System and Network Administration: Playing MP4 videos on openSuse.

2022.05.07   Computer   The first real tutorial available in Computer System and Network Administration: Using LVM disk storage layout on Ubuntu Server.

2022.04.10   Computer   Small help text available: Disabling the guest account on Ubuntu Desktop.

2022.02.28   Computer   4 small help texts available: 1. Moving a VMware virtual disk; 2. Disabling cloud-init on Ubuntu Server; 3. VMware Tools problem on Ubuntu; 4. VMware Linux guest sound problem on a Windows host; 5. SCSI disks not recognized by Windows XP; 6. Disk size limits on Windows NT.

2022.02.15   General   I'm actually spending lots of time with the setup of a multiple operating system VMware network. A great opportunity to learn lots of new things (or remember forgotten ones) concerning computer system and network administration. Wanting to share my experience and judging that this rather advanced topics do not fit in the Computer Basics section, I decided to reorganize this section, grouping the existing sub-sections to "make place" for a new one: Computer Administration.

2021.11.15   Mathematics   New tutorial in the Mathematics & Science section of my site: Basic matrix operations.

2021.06.26   Mathematics   New tutorial available: Logarithms and logarithm equations: A beginners introduction to powers and logarithms, as well as a methodic approach (with examples) to solve logarithm equations.