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Missing VXD and DLL files on Windows 95.

The problem occurs during the installation of the operating system: At different stages of the setup procedure, messages show up, telling that specific files are missing. These files are either network related DLLs or (I think also network related) driver (.vxd) files. It seems that the problem only exists on Windows 95C (Windows 95 OSR 2.5).

The first error messages pop up during hardware configuration. Among the missing files are the following 3 DLLs: netapi.dll, mapi32.dll, vlb32.dll. I pushed the Ignore the file button to continue setup. The next missing file reported was the driver nwredir.vxd. I tried pushing the OK button, what resulted into a "path not found" error message. Finally, I clicked the Cancel button, what did setup to proceed. I think that this "Cancel" made abort the network card setup, because when my system started up, the card "had disappeared". Maybe that doing as for the drivers and pushing the Ignore the file button, would have been a better solution (maybe that in that case, other .vxd files would have been reported to be missing).

Windows 95C installation: Missing DLL files reported during hardware configuration
Windows 95C installation: Missing VXD files reported during hardware configuration

When the systems reboots after setup has finished, several screens with error messages show a series of drivers (.vxd files) missing. These include: ndis.vxd, ndis2sup.vxd, nscl.vxd, nwlink.vxd, nwredir.vxd, vnetbios.vxd, vnetsup.vxd and vredir.vxd (I think that's all of them...).

Windows 95C installation: Missing files error messages at Windows startup

During network setup, two DLLs are reported missing: nwnp32.dll (NetWare) and msnp32.dll (Microsoft Network).

Windows 95C installation: Missing NetWare file nwnp32.dll
Windows 95C installation: Missing Microsoft Network file msnp32.dll

There is no need to search the Internet, because the files actually are on the Windows 95 CDROM, included in one of the CAB archives in the WIN95 directory. There are several ways to extract the files and copy them onto the Windows 95 system. The maybe simplest is to use 7-Zip to extract the whole content of the CAB and burn the files onto a CDROM, that you can then mount and open on Windows 95. I suppose here, that Windows 95 has been installed on a VMware virtual machine (there are small chances that in 2022 someone installs Windows 95 on a physical computer). In this case, you can use a tool like ISOWorkshop to create an ISO with the extracted files and mount this one in your virtualization software or in the virtual CD-drive, if you are using one). The missing files are located in the archive {CD-drive}\WIN95\WIN95_06.CAB. Extract them with 7-Zip, add the extracted files to an ISO with ISOWorkshop, mount the ISO, open the CD-drive on Windows 95 and copy the missing driver (.vxd) files to C:\Windows\System. Concerning the network DLLs, I'm not sure. It's possible that after installation of VMware Tools, the problem will be resolved. If not, try to copy the missing DLLs to C:\Windows. Windows 95 should now start up without displaying any error messages.

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