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Activating Windows Vista using the developer activation patch.

I never used Windows Vista myself, thus, I have no idea if it was so bad as it was said to be. Anyway, Vista isn't anymore supported by Microsoft for a long time (even Windows 8 comes to the end of support next year) and I suppose that it wouldn't trouble Mr Gates if you install a cracked version of Windows Vista. However, this is not necessary: There is a possibility to download and install any version of the OS and activate Vista legally. In fact, I think that it's entirely legal, because it seems that the activation patch is provided by Microsoft itself. To be used under well defined conditions, of course: the patch is intended for developers, not for end-users workstations. But, I would say, that there shouldn't be a problem to use the patch in order to have an activated Windows Vista for educational purposes. Advantages of the patch:

The Windows Vista developer activation patch can be downloaded from the Internet Archive website. I think that it works for both 32bit and 64bit platforms. The screenshot below shows the first screen of the setup program on my Windows Ultimate 64bit, that has not yet been activated (actually running in trial mode). This window seems to clearly show, that the patch is well provided by Microsoft.

Windows Vista activation using the 'developer activation patch'

In the next window of the patch setup program, you'll have to select the version of Vista (screenshot on the left); a valid product key will be installed.

Windows Vista activation: Selecting the version of Vista
Windows Vista activation: Display of the product key

After the installation is finished, you must reboot your computer. If you take now a look at the system information of your machine, you see that Windows has well been activated (screenshot). And if, in Command Prompt, you run the command slmgr -xpr, you get the message The machine is permanently activated. The "not genuine" message, as shown on the first screenshot of the tutorial, will disappear (not sure, if this is immediate or only later, perhaps after the computer was connected to the Internet?). You can now personalize the desktop, install updates (manually, as there is no more support), and enjoy your legally activated Windows Vista...

Windows Vista activation: System information after the patch has been applied

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