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VMware Tools problem on Windows Vista.

I got this problem with Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit running on VMware 16 on a Windows 10 host. It is probably the same with other versions of Windows Vista and VMware. When you choose to install VMware Tools in the virtual machine's menu, Vista asks, what to do with the VMware CD, proposing to run setup64.exe. If you do so, User Access Control warns that you are trying to install a program of an unidentified publisher. Clicking Allow does not start the installation process, as expected, but there is an error message popping up, that tells you that the program to be installed requires Windows 7 SP1 or later, as shown on the screenshot below. Trying to install the 32bit version does, of course, not work either; in this case setup and Vista itself will hang.

VMware Tools setup on Windows Vista: Error message telling that Windows 7 SP1 or later is required

I think that I read somewhere, that this problem is due to fact that after Workstation version 11, VMware has stopped the support of Windows Vista; thus, there is actually a CD ISO with VMware tools for Windows 95/98, another for 2000/XP and a third one for Windows 7 SP1 and later Windows versions, but none of these works on Vista. Simple workaround: Download and install the tools included with Workstation 11. The only problem here is to find the corresponding ISO. At the moment, where I write this tutorial, they may be downloaded, using the following direct link to the ISO on the VMware site.

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