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VMware Tools problem on Ubuntu.

I got this problem with Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop running on VMware 16 on a Windows 10 host. It may be the same with other versions of Ubuntu and VMware. After installation of VMware Tools, Ubuntu popped up the message System program problem detected, with the options to report or simply ignore the issue. Two things to say here: 1. This message seems scary, but you can effectively ignore it, because everything works well. 2. According to the posts on several forums, reporting the problem wouldn't change anything. So, just lets get rid of the pop-up.

The concerned forums suggest to disable crash report. Two steps to do this:

  1. Delete any existing crash reports in /var/crash: sudo rm /var/crash/*
  2. Disable crash reports in /etc/default/apport: Edit this file and change enabled=1 to enabled=0.

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