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VMware Tools problem on Debian 10 based systems.

I got this problem with MakuluLinux LinDoz 2021 and also with AcademiX GNU/Linux 2.7. I think that it is a common issue on Debian 10 based systems; maybe the error also occurs with other Debian releases, perhaps even with other Linux distributions.

When trying to install VMware tools on these systems, the installation program issues an error message telling that Setup is unable to find the "depmod" program on your machine.

VMware Tools setup on MakuluLinux LinDoz 2021: Error message telling that the program 'depmod' cannot be found

The reason for this problem is that there are several common Linux utilities that aren't installed. You can install them all with a single command:
    sudo apt-get install autoconf automake binutils cpp gcc linux-headers-$(uname -r) make psmisc
where "uname" is the word "uname" and not your user name, as you might perhaps think.

However, when I ran this command on MakuluLinux, I got another error message, telling that some of the packages don't have an installation candidate. I don't know if this is always the case. Anyway, it's really easy to get rid of the problem: Just a repository to add to /etc/apt/sources.list. You can open this file as super-user (and therefore be able to save it after modification to its original location) by entering the following in a terminal:
    sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
where nano is the default Debian text editor.

To add the repository that contains the missing files, add the following line to sources.list:
    deb bullseye main contrib non-free

VMware Tools setup on MakuluLinux LinDoz 2021: Adding a repository to /etc/apt/sources.list

After the repository has been added, the apt-get install command, described above, executes successfully and after the new files have been installed, you should also succeed to install VMware Tools.

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/etc/apt/sources.list: Add deb bullseye main contrib non-free