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Removing 'Import bookmarks' and 'Getting Started' from Firefox toolbar.

The Firefox web browser includes two default items at the left side of its bookmarks toolbar, that may be useful immediately after installation of the web browser, but that later on are just there without being used and just taking the place for your own bookmarks away. These two items are Import bookmarks, at the left edge of the toolbar, and Getting Started, immediately at the right of it. The question is, how do we proceed to remove these two items?

Removing the Import bookmarks item is done with two mouse clicks: Right-click the item in the toolbar and from the opening context menu, choose Remove from Toolbar.

Removing the Getting Started item is somewhat different. In fact, you cannot simply right-click it and then choose Delete Bookmark, as you would do with other bookmarks. What you have to do is to open the application menu (by clicking the icon at the right edge of the toolbar) and, among the items displayed, click Bookmarks. The Bookmarks pane opens, displaying a list of the browser's bookmarks. Locate Getting Started, right-click it and now you have the possinility to select Delete Bookmark from the opening context menu.

Note: If you want to keep the Getting Started bookmark instead of deleting it, choose Cut (instead of Delete bookmark) in order to move the bookmark to the clipboard. Then, in the Bookmarks pane, click Manage bookmarks (at the bottom, after the bookmark list items). Open All bookmarks and paste Getting Started in one of its subfolders, for example in Bookmarks menu > Firefox.

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