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2023.01.05   Software   New "old Windows software" related text available: WinPlay3 - The first MP3-player for Windows.

2022.12.26   System   New text available available: Hard disk drives vs. solid-state drives - What's the difference?.

2022.12.10   Software   New text available in the Windows 3.x subsection: Chessmaster – A great chess application for beginners and advanced players.

2022.11.24   Network   New help text available: Finding the Wi-Fi network security key in Windows 10.

2022.10.25   System   New tutorial available: Creating a bootable USB stick on MS Windows.

2022.10.05   System   New problems related help text available: Windows Update errors 80010108 and 80070001.

2022.07.13   System   New tutorial available: Performing an external virus check using a Live-CD.

2022.07.01   System   New help text available: Control Windows 8 desktop icons spacing.

2022.06.06   System   New help text available: Unblocking applications that do not react if you try to launch them.

2022.03.26   Security   New help text available: Using ZoneAlarm Free Firewall with Avira Free Antivirus, where I show how to proceed in order to get of the Avira warning that the firewall would be disabled, if you replace the native Windows firewall with ZoneAlarm.

2022.03.25   Internet   New help text available: Avast Free Antivirus and Firefox false positive prefs.js.

2022.02.21   System   New tutorial available: Resizing and moving a partition on MS Windows.

2021.11.22   Multimedia   New tutorial ready: Converting YouTube videos to MP3 files.

2021.11.01   System   New computer problems related help text available: Windows Update unavailable: Nothing but a blank page!, primarily to show how a "stupid" simple action like restarting Windows may restore a system, that seems to know several serious issues.

2021.10.14   Software   I finally started with my Windows applications personal review. Reviews actually available for: 7-Zip, Malwarebytes Free, Password Safe, VLC player and Notepad++. Beside a description of the application with its major features and information, concerning its download, installation and configuration, the software pages also includes a rating system, that allows the site visitors to rate the application as awful, bad, mean, good or amazing.

2021.09.30   Internet   New help text available: Downloading complete web pages in order to view them offline. It describes, how the Firefox SingleFile extension is a two-in-one solution, first making sure that the page is saved correctly and can be viewed correctly offline and second, allowing the offline display of the (single) HTML file with all images shown.

2021.09.20   Internet   Complete review and update of my Downloading web content onto the local harddisk tutorial. In particular, the chapter, concerning the download of music and videos has been partially rewritten, with lots of details added.

2021.08.17   Internet   New text ready: Getting rid of Firefox error messages and update notifications.

2021.07.09   Security   New text available: Avast Antivirus blue screens and ZoneAlarm Firewall startup problems, issues that I experienced on Windows 10 running on a Dell G3 laptop.

2021.05.15   System   New tutorial: Managing Search History in Windows 10 File Explorer. The tutorial explains, how to clear search history and, by modifying the Windows Registry, how to completely disable it.

2021.04.28   Office   New problems related text available: Help feature not accessible in Microsoft Office!?

2021.04.18   Multimedia   New tutorial : Merging video files in Windows 10.

2021.03.31   Office   New tutorial: Adding custom words to LibreOffice dictionaries.

2021.03.25   System   Longer problems related text available: Dell G3 laptops and Windows 10 problems: Problems, that I encountered myself and, as show the numerous posts in the forums, that are experienced by many users.

2021.01.16   System   New short help text available: Installing .NET framework 3.5 on Windows 10.