Mathematics, Science and Sysadmin

Learning: Computer system and network administration.

Table of contents

Computer system and network administration does not really fit in the Mathematics and Science section, but I think that's better to place it here than to make it a part of Computer Basics, that deals with every day computer usage and that is intended for mainstream users. The content of this sub-section is rather advanced and specialized and mainstream users will never have to deal with.

The tutorials, that you find here, are based on the experiences, that I made, when "playing around" with VMware networks. Even though my virtual home network may appear as useless or even senseless (its only aim is to learn to know and to understand new computer system and network related stuff), the tutorial contents are real life situations and could be helpful to intermediate computer users to learn to perform real life sysadmin tasks. The tutorials could also be interesting for the nostalgics of the early PCs, as lots of them deal with operating systems of the past: DOS, Windows 3.1, the 9x Windows versions, Windows NT, OS/2. Others are about operating systems, that most of you never used, as BSD or Solaris. Of course, there are also hosts with more common modern OS in my network: Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, macOS, several Linux distributions (workstations or servers). Finally, there are some specialized OS like for example IPFire (firewall and router), DebianEdu (complete schoolnetwork), TrueNAS (data storage server) and Kali-Linux (penetration testing). Beside the possibility to learn about the administration of operating systems, you'll find also here the possibility to learn about different kinds network administration. As well as to learn to know and use common system and network software.

The image below shows the basic layout of my "crazy" virtual home network. For those, who search for a tool to draw organized graphs: I created the layout with yEd Graph editor, freely available for private use at the yworks website.

My virtual 4 zones home network