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Yahtzee game for 1 - 3 players (Yahtzee).

Description: Classic Yahtzee game for 1 - 3 players. As it is a dice game, luck is required, but also the consideration of probability and strategy. The application is a desktop version of the classic game, made in the middle of the last century, played with the classic rules, except that the alternate, simplified "free choice" rule is used for the Yahtzee Joker. The advantage of a computer version: All scoring and bonus calculation are done by the program.
The application includes a link to the Yahtzee page of Wikipedia (where the game and all rules are explained in detail), a table with a short description of the Upper und Lower section categories and their scoring, as well as a help text on how to use the application.

Free Pascal features: Loading images from files as needed. Showing and hiding, enabling and disabling controls. String grids. Using the OpenDocument method of the LCLIntf unit to start the default browser pointed to a given website. (Very) simple dice rolling simulation.


Yahtzee dice game