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Home and Office: Installing a Luxembourgish spellchecker in LibreOffice.

As for most applications, it is possible to add new features to the original LibreOffice program downloaded and installed. These additional features are called LibreOffice extensions. Installing them is very simple: download the .oxt file and double-click it. LibreOffice is started and asks for confirmation to install the extension. Of course, this only works if .oxt files are associated with LibreOffice (default with LibreOffice installation on Windows); if it is not the case, use the "Extension Manager" item in the "Tools" menu of LibreOffice.

When I started with the development of my Luxembourgish course web application, I wondered if there exists a spellchecker for Luxembourgish. It does exist and it is completely free! Click the link to go to the download page of the Luxembourgish spellchecker for LibreOffice.

LibreOffice Luxembourgish spellchecker